ENS Paris-Saclay


École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

Cachan, France
MVA Master, Department of Mathematics 2019 - now
Summa Cum Laude B.S, Department of CS 2018 - 2019
Magma Cum Laude B.S, Department of CS 2017 - 2018

Lycée Kléber

Strasbourg, France
CPGE (preparatory classes) 2015 - 2017

Lycée Jean-Jacques Henner

Altkirch, France
First-class honours High school, scientific section 2012 - 2015
UC Berkeley


M.S Internship (March 2019 - August 2019)

UC Berkeley, Mobile Sensing Lab, Berkeley, California, USA

Worked under the supervision of Professor Alexandre Bayen on FLOW, a deep reinforcement learning (RL) framework for mixed autonomy traffic: Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are mixed into the traffic in an attempt to optimize the global flow of vehicles. Trained policies to control automated vehicles to improve the flow of vehicles on many different traffic scenarios using various RL algorithms, including soft actor-critic or hierarchical RL which resulted in a publication. Co-created a robotics lab to transfer these policies on real-world cars, starting on small robots. Made a lot of contributions for improving the FLOW library and the team workflow.

Report (EN, 57 pages) - Slides (FR, 27 slides) (or download PowerPoint with videos)

B.S Internship (Jun 2018 - Jul 2018)

LaBRI, Pictura Research Group, Bordeaux, France

Worked under the supervision of Professor Vinh-Thong Ta on superpixel-based image segmentation techniques. Came up with a new state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithm. Implemented in C a library of several superpixel segmentation algorithms as well as a few applications (PatchMatch, color transfer) using superpixels as a building block, with the aim of highlighting these superpixel-based methods by offering clean and reusable implementations.

Report (EN, 21 pages) - Slides (FR, 34 slides)
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