ENS Paris-Saclay

Education [WIP]

École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

Cachan, France
M.S, Department of CS 2018 - now
Magma Cum Laude B.S, Department of CS 2017 - 2018

Lycée Kléber

Strasbourg, France
Intensive classes in maths, CS and physics CPGE, major in CS 2015 - 2017
UC Berkeley

Research [WIP]

M.S Internship (March 2019 - August 2019)

UC Berkeley, Mobile Sensing Lab, Berkeley, California, USA


B.S Internship (Jun 2018 - Jul 2018)

LaBRI, Pictura Research Group, Bordeaux, France

Worked with Prof Vinh-Thong Ta and Rémi Giraud on superpixel-based image segmentation techniques. Came up with a new state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithm. Implemented in C a library of several superpixel segmentation algorithms as well as a few applications (PatchMatch, color transfer) using superpixels as a building block, with the aim of highlighting these superpixel-based methods by offering clean and reusable implementations.

Report (EN, 21 pages) - Slides (FR, 34 slides)
If you'd like my resume, drop me an email

Interests [WIP]

AI (ML, DL, RL, Vision)
C, C++, Python